Wednesday, August 17, 2005


you can send us one letter or a group of exchanged breakup letters, whatever reads better and makes you feel better, but also doesn't bore the reader. Use your super awesome judgment.

all information will be kept confidential - but feel free to make up a fake email address and send stuff to us from there if need be. we don't want to know who you are as much as you don't want us to know who you are. we will only give the information that you give us.

the intent isn't to be malicious, it's to share and have others see, understand and relate to your experience. this is not an open forum to "trash your ex" by calling them every name in the book. this is a place to put the relationship to rest or aid in doing so.

we regret to inform that we can't post everything we get, so pick the best one(s) you got. they can be heartbreaking, funny, disturbing, insane, touching, embarrassing or anything else that's real.

include what you want, but what we'd really like are the following:

1. the letters (either scanned or typed)

2. length of the relationship

3. sex of each person

4. who ended it

5. a brief description of the relationship

6. if you want to choose the pseudonyms feel free, just try to use ones we haven't already.

if you're feeling saucy - of course it's optional, but usually makes it more interesting:

1. send in a real photo or draw a picture of the two of you together and include it for your story. (see the posts above for an example.) if you send in a real photo, we will totally obscure the faces of the people in it and destroy the originals to ensure anonymity.

email everything here:


Blogger Peter said...

Dear Charles + Dwayne,

This has been a difficult process to go through. I salute your efforts, you have saved me thousands in therapy. I have spent the last $$ in our joint checking account and bought a 500 pack of Crayolas. I am currently working on my story, while also having discovered hot wax can be hot. You are truly the modern day Robin Hoods of the post-post-it note dump tank. --Peter Rice

9:27 AM, April 02, 2007  

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