Friday, August 18, 2006


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So... do want my life to be? I've squandered all of my... talents & am now lost. So, again - what to do. Cannot continue like this but fear change. Why do I sabotage everything that is good in my life? How do I get ... valley? And why do I... into these...valleys in the first place?


What the hell happened. Where did I go?
How can I get...

the person I ...
I think...
I have to ...

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What do they actually add to my life? Nothing.They detract.
Hard as it may ... I need to go drug for a while & I need to leave the... behind.
Is it worth the trade GG??


miscellaneous chunks

hard.. But .. destroy myself.
back to...
used to be?

my heart...

INFO: These are a few big chunks of a letter, found by Dwayne during one night while dumpster diving for heartbreak.


OK folks... that's it. Spooky, huh? This time, we're gonna let our readers reconstruct it before we weigh in with our own stories. Comment away!


Anonymous Anonymous said...'s mystery case number 3...

5:57 AM, August 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so you guys went diving into dumpsters to get random scraps in the hope they contained details of a break up, kudos on the commitment

10:46 AM, August 19, 2006  
Blogger said...

we're just that dedicated. And we thought #2 was such a great number that we had to use it twice.
now are you beauties gonna tell us what you think, or am I goin back into the dumpster to indulge myself in some bbq chips?


12:22 PM, August 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Puck dumped Anteater (the letter writer) which is obviously because of the over usage of Puck in the letter.
Other than that, I couldn't read a word of it.

11:46 PM, August 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay, my theory:
yes, its puck. pucks boyfriend wrote it.
he's heartbroken. he has found GG, but he misses puck. puck is like, mad at him, for idk what. :(

is it worth it to trade GG? he wants puck back! YES! its worth it for true, unbreakable love. the love richard has for puck.

oh, and the "what do they actually add to my life?" he's talkin about GG and other useless people. nothing. they are nothing to him. he lives for puck. puck alone.

"i need to go drug for a while & i need to leave the (past) behind."
he's really heartbroken, isnt he..

oh i hope richard and puck get back together...and it sucks to be GG

or maybe GG is 66? and he's datin a footballplayer?

11:36 PM, October 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I need to go drug for a while" is actually "I need to go dry for a while".

Beyond that your guess is as good as mine (ie. worthless).

p.s. the fact that you are willing to go dumpster diving for ripped up break up letters is either commendable or sad, I'm not quite sure which.

12:36 AM, November 03, 2006  

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