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SUBMITTED BY: Meisha (25)
LENGTH OF RELATIONSHIP: on and off for over 2 years but way more off
INFO:We met over 2 years ago at a hole in the wall bar. I had just broken up with my boyfriend that day and my friend took me to the bar to have some fun. He and his friends were there in their softball uniforms. They all came and sat by our table and we started talking. I gave Slick my phone number and we started talking but not on a serious level. Well, after about a month I decided I didn't want to speak to him anymore and I changed my phone number. Just to remind you I had just gone through a breakup when we met so I was not emotionally stable.

I erased his number in a drunken fit, a few days later I regretted that I had done that and went looking for him at the same hole in the wall bar. Well the same night I had gone looking for him he had gone looking for me at a friends house and I heard all about it the next day. Finally after about a month we started to talk again (we Facebook messaged each other our numbers). We hung out a few times and then out of no where he says he can't talk to me anymore because he does not want anything serious. I didn't either and I made that clear right from the beginning. Well about a year goes by and we randomly see each other at bars and clubs.

One day he sends me a Facebook message about how beautiful I looked and how he wished we were still talking. We started talking again as friends and it finally started to grow into something more. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. We dated for about six months and then I broke up with him again because he had a problem with lying. He would lie about some of the stupidiest things imaginable. (I think i need to add in that during this whole time I was still on and off with the ex from the beginning as well.)

Well about six months later we started talking again and this is when he got even but in a completely asshole way. He came to my home and was confessing how much he loved me and wanted to be with me. I as confused about how I felt because let's face it it wasn't the most balanced relationship in the world. Well I had to make a decision as to what our future was and I couldn't and I had found out that he had a girlfriend. I told him that it may be best that we not speak at all and he just stay with her. (We will call the girlfriend Bobbie.) He kept telling me how much he hated Bobbie and that she was immature and incompetent. he would explain to me that he has been trying to end it because he cannot even have a intelligent conversation with her.

I kept telling him that if he were to break up with her that it should not have anything to do with me because I honestly was unsure of us getting back together. Well, he breaks up with her and we talk about it. That same night he was supposed to stop by after haghangingt with his friends. I get a text saying "I'm sorry Miesha but I cannot come over tonight I will talk to you tomorrow". I knew something was wrong so I called him and he said he was sorry but he just couldn't do this. He went back to Bobbie. This guy has played with my head for two years and that was my last straw.

The next day we were texting each other about what had happened. He tried to blame me for the whole ordeal and I was just not having it. Throughout the two years I would constantly tell him that we are better as friends because too much issues arise when we are together and he just didn't not agree. Well, one of his texts to me was "Maybe we should just be friends" and I did go off the handle for a moment. The texts were sent back and forth for two days and finally I just stopped responding to them because there was no point in fighting about a non existent relationship. Well a few months after that he sent me a email:


"can you please tell me why i cannot go a day without thinking about you"

I don't remember ever being as angry as I was reading those few words. I sent him a message:


"Leave me alone please. I don't need you sending me random drunk messages and your games are beyond old. You have a girlfriend and you need to focus on her and stop trying to mess with anyone else's head."

Well later on that day I find out he has also sent my best friend a message:


"Sara, i'm sorry for bothering you, but I cannot go one day without thinking about Meisha. Can you please let her know that I need her to call me or something to let me know that it will never work. Once again i'm sorry for contacting you about this, but I cannot get over her. Sorry. Change of subject, how have you been?"

So I was extremely angry at that point because I was tired of him consistently twisting it to make me seem like the bad person in this, so I sent him:


"I cannot believe you involved Sara in this. I figured from the way things were left that it was clear that it is OVER. But since you need me to make it clear here goes. I do not EVER want to talk to you again. I wanted to be friends but that was before our last encounter. I do not want to be friends with you, know what you are up to, or even really check if you are alive. I am done with your games and you spinning it to try to make me look like that bad guy in this is just genius. But it isn't going to work, I admit that it got messed up but the situation wasn't something I expected and I was honest about it right away. Do you see the key word in that sentence HONEST, something you know nothing about. I am fine and do not need you trying to mess up the little bit of happiness and sanity I have so please leave me alone and do not contact my friends with anything that deals with me. If you want to talk to them to catch up go right ahead but not to talk about me, ever."

So this is how it ended and we have not spoken or emailed each other since. Hope you enjoy it!


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