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front side???

back side???

WHAT DWAYNE THINKS HAPPENED: Samantha and Stan's love life was getting stale. They'd been together for 4 years and were both quietly tired of the routine, the reliance, marriage talks, and the routine. Did I mention the routine? Yeah, the routine.

Sam wanted something fresh and ended up falling for her new co-worker's brother, Adrian. She was intrigued by him because making Adrian love her would be a challenge, unlike her safe bet boyfriend who worshipped her every move. So she broke up with her boyfriend because she wanted to experience some unsafe excitement before she got married. The boyfriend cried for days, yes, like a little bitch. In the end, Adrian cheated on Sam and treated her like shit, was verbally abusive and didn't make her feel safe like the ex-boyfriend did. Sam and Adrian had great sex but it wasn't love.

After a few months she sent her ex-boyfriend this letter and he read it and he cried. He thought about it for a day or two then muttered something cliched like "too little, too late" tore it up and left it on the street and never spoke to her again.

WHAT CHARLES THINKS HAPPENED: To expand on Dwayne's suggested scenario, I actually think that this letter was written by Stan. I think Stan was studying to be a doctor (hence the wild penmanship) and Samantha was a doctor that he worked under when he was volunteering at the hospital. They really hit it off, and they had been dating for almost three years. And then came the routine. Remember the routine? Yeah, the routine.

Stan realized after a while that his heart wasn't in it, and he went astray. He didn't have the guts to tell Samantha face to face, so he went behind her back and cheated around. He purposely got caught because he was too much of a coward to be honest with someone he loved, and Sam lost it. She left him and never looked back.

After being a party to a slew of sexual escapades, Stan felt empty. He tried to contact Samantha with a heartfelt letter, but it was too little, too late. Samantha ripped it up without even reading it.

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anonymous said:

Well, first of all....

That's a chick's writing. "Samantha" wrote that.

And, just hazarding a guess from what I could read of the scraps....

She's discussing a relationship she had with a guy, who clearly wanted children (which is probably were the whole marriage thing comes in - might even BE married to the guy). And this was well and good, and things were going along swimmingly, and they had great sex.... but somewhere along the way, something not so nice clicked in this guy's head, and he became abusive in some way.

She probably walked out on him four days before the note was written - short term separation to give herself some room for "clear thinking" (like THAT ever works), and found herself contemplating the "good" times they previously had, the great sex they shared, and how much she misses him. (With all those wonderful moments, getting smacked around a little now and then really isn't so bad, is it?)

Except, here's the twist....

Want to know why that note is ripped up?

It was given either to an ex-boyfriend (likely the one from immediately before Mr. Abusive), or a long-standing male friend who is desperately in love with her, has been for the longest time, and finally decided that - for that brief shining moment - they just weren't going to watch this happening anymore.

Why was the note given to him? Because she just wanted a friend, a true long-standing friend, who knows her well and understands exactly where she's coming from. Someone who would allow her to lay her soul bare... maybe even let her cry on there shoulder.

If the letter *wasn't* ripped up, I would have guessed the guy on the receiving end was a *new* male friend who looked like a potential partner for fulfilling the things that were now missing from her relationship with Mr. Abusive - like sanity. If that's the case, she'd be playing the "be my bestest cry-on-the-shoulder friend" card, and would eventually fall in the sack with the recipient of the letter.

Anyway, that's a guess based on the content of what can be read, juxtaposed with first hand experience and knowledge of other's similar experiences.


cheiftobique said:

"Stan" wrote this letter. This fact is clear from the pristine penmanship. Stan wrote this letter in haste. Here is what happened.

Samantha and Stan had been in a relationsip that started their freshman year of college. Stan was her perfect dream guy, and Samantha was Stan's regular lay. During their 3-4 year relationship Samantha focused on her school work first and made time for Stan. Stan liked this arrangement and he also liked the fact that Samantha was independent. Stan was a half-assed Philosophy student and Samantha was a very serious student of the physical sciences.

Toward the end fo their 4 year degree programs Stan started panicking because his sweet life was about to be disrupted. Samantha had been talking about marriage and Stan had been humoring her. he would tell her things like, "honey, lets wait til we finish our Bachelors Degrees, then we can start our life together as a married couple" or some such drivel. Well, she believed he was serious about marriage and kids, so her mind/heart was at ease. Stan would carouse until the wee hours of the morning with his friends from the department of philosophy, drinking absinthe, smioking opiates, and engaging in sexual congress with multiple partners while watching reruns of the Dukes of hazzard and other 80's t.v. shows.

Samantha was living in a dream world that would have collapsed in on her had Stan not taken measures to prevent that. One day in an overwhelming bout of post-ecstasy drug depression Stan wrote her a letter confessing his misdeeds. On his way to her apartment he got a phone call from Samantha informing him that she had just won the lottery and wouldn't be finishing her Degree until she returned from her trip around the world. She told him to grab his identification and to meet him at the Office of Immigration for passports. Right after he hung up the phone he began to weep once again, mostly a combination of the after effects of his drug use, and a little bit from the gui;t he was feeling. He then proceeded to tear up the letter he wrote and made his way to the immigration office.


Blogger Chieftobique said...

I sent in my version of the tale. I gleaned as much from the two scraps of note you found, and using my obscene powers of deduction, induction and reproduction I create a scnario that is both plausible and true. PLease share it with your readership for their enlightenment. Thank you. If you need any more help deciphering poorly written text, piecing together scraps of note to form a coherent story, or need your pipes cleaned, shoot me an email I would be glad to be of service. Your Website kicks balls!

5:37 PM, October 07, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend, Jake sent me a link to this website with a note that said, "doesn't that sound like the letter you read to me about Davis?" So I took a look and, holy crap, that's my letter. You're going to think I'm joking but I'm SO serious. My name is Andi and I wrote that letter to my college boyfriend, Davis when I left him. and, actually, the commenters painted a relatively accurate story. Davis and I had been together since my sophomore, his junior year of college. And things were great until we hit about a year. Then everything became a drama. Going out with my girlfriends was the same as leaving him for a year, guy friends were out of the question, he even got mad when i went to church sometimes. (we had moved in together the summer after we started dating) But when Jake, my best friend since middle school transferred to our school from Tennesee, things went crazy. I refused to let him tell me I couldn't see Jake, in fact, when he went crazy like that I would stay at Jakes (on the couch, of course) to get away from him. This, of course, make him nuts, and that's about the time he started hitting and grabbing and pushing me. Not hard or often, but enough. it took a long time, but i finally left Davis and moved in with Jake, because he was afraid to have me living with him anymore. By now we had graduated and Jake lived several miles away, Davis doesn't know where. So, four days after we broke up when i knew he was at work, I slid the letter under his door (it's actually about 2 1/2 pages long) and the next morning he came to where i work, stood outside the window (restraining order says he can't come into the place i work) and ripped the letter and threw it into the wind. Amazing that you found it.

2:19 AM, October 23, 2005  
Blogger e-closure.com said...

hey there anonymous.

so here's the deal. two things we need to establish:

1) are you telling the truth? we're not trying to be pricks, but a lot of people can (and have) made up stories, and we need some way of verifying that you're the real deal. so why don't you e-mail us directly and tell us the city and area of the city where we would have found your ripped up note.

2) what do you want us to do with your letter chunk? do you want to take this opportunity to rewrite your letter to Davis and share it with us?

4:02 PM, October 23, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK - assuming Anonymous is making shit up - the reason the letter is ripped up is because they got back together. The letter was never sent, but it was meant to be.

12:54 AM, November 03, 2005  

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