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here are some links of rad people that linked us. maybe you'll dig their cool blogs/sites. maybe you won't. it's also here cause we're heavily self involved and love reading about ourselves. we love you like fat kids love cake.
(no offense to fat kids, cakes or other fine cake products)

Good break-up ideas? No?
October 26th, 2005 Derek posted in: Stupid, Entertainment

The inevitable breakup. We've all had them in one way shape or form. The mutual breakups are no biggie. "Yada, yada, blah, blah, blah... The sex is bad. Your breath always stinks. We're just not meant to be so let's go our seperate ways." Those are the good ones. And by good, I mean the less dramatic ones that both parties walk away from without any guilt whatsoever. It's the one-sided breakups that prove to be the hardest. Hard to get over. More importantly, the hardest to create a decent method for calling it quits. There's always the breakup'er and the breakup'ee. The nice ones will figure out a way to let the other one down softly. You're already breaking their heart, don't take away their dignity!

If you're interested in a few ideas.. Ahem. Check e-closure.com. Their slogan "...documenting break-ups, anonymously online..." is proof of what the blog is all about. The whole grade school crayon breakup letter is cute. I was thinking if you planned on going that route, go the whole nine yards and make a kiddie lunch with a juice box to go along with it. Don't send him / her packing without something to snack on. (uneasysilence.com)

by Regina Lynn
Monday, 31 October 2005
breakin' up ain't hard to do
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Need to dump someone -- again -- and move on?

You might use these break-up letters as inspiration.

And no, A Certain Someone, this is not a hint. It's just a link a reader sent me that I thought was funny in a sad sort of way.

I especially like Romeo and Juliet. (blog.wired.com/sex/)

Ha. Haha. *********** entertainment at its best... It's like listening to the Get Up Kids and Death Cab for Cutie and crying about relationships that never were. It takes you back to high school. It's a beautiful way to waste 15 minutes or so. Ch-check it out. (minerstoolkit.blogspot.com/)

Call me a girl, but I've become addicted to e-closure which collects break-up stories, think the darkside of e-Harmony. Not as "oxygen" as it sounds. (seanco.homeip.net/)

Where was this back around Valentine's Day when I could have used it? (http://www.humorbin.com)

I ran across this site, e-closure, and it reminded me in a way of everyone secret shame "group hug". It's basically a collection of Dear John/Jane letters. Voyeristic, disturbing, sometimes painful, and oddly entertaining. (consolejockey.com)

When things go wrong in relationships, this is where you go. Lifehacker suggests going there when you need a self-confidence boost, but for any weepy emo kid like myself, it's gold. (akki18.com)

Sometimes a Break-up is Handled Best with a Little 'eClosure'
Having perfected the art of 'being over', I came across this blog today about break-ups. Peaking through some of the stories gave me a distinct wave of guilty pleasure. It also reminded me what it felt like to be involved with someone during the bitter end. eClosure offers up a few case studies written by the dumpers and dumpees that will be sure to entertain you for at least... five minutes or so. Click on. (thebrouwer.blogspot.com)

As I hurtle toward my second anniversary of being alone I take an unusual pleasure of reading other couples breakup letters at e-closure. (insidetheperimeter.blogspot.com/)

E-CLOSURE: Need some help writing a breakup letter, or are you a sick and demented enough to read other peoples miserable "git your butt outta my house" love notes? This place is for you. (stupidrandomthoughts.blogspot.com/)

Despite the fact I think anyone who says they need 'closure' deserves a good slap, this site is still a fascinating train-wreck. (livejournal.com/users/demonvaska/)

This site its along the same lines as another one of my favorites, "PostSecret". with anonymous postings of breakup letters instead of secrets. (thatonegirl.net/blog/)


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