Monday, October 24, 2005


these are real write-ups of the site, written by real(ish) people. send in your own testimonials (along with the link where it appears) and we'll send some traffic your way.

"The Germans have a word for it: Schadenfreude. Relieving the misery of your own life by taking pleasure in the misfortune of others. eClosure is a dating site, one that covers the end of relationships in all their glorious gory sticky sadness. If you're looking for a quick pick-me-up (or you just dig break-up letters), pop on over and see how much better off you are than some of these heartbroken and embittered people." (

"people's bad spelling and grammar aside, quite interesting." (

"This is an interesting (if depressing) concept for a communal blog: just in case you thought your life sucked more than anyone else's, reminds you that your life is not as special as you think it is. The site serves as repository for breakup letters and stories. It's all anonymous, so you can even post your own.

There's just something neat about seeing what everyone else experiences, even on a topic that is depressing. You know those letters could just as easily have been written by you." (

"Oh yay just what the internet needs, a group blog on personal misery of the worst kind [read: emoooooooooooo]. Something tells me this isn't going to fly." (

"There is something very captivating in reading the very personal letters and such between people whose relationships are falling apart. Yay scadenfreude!!" (

" is a site dedicated to the gory afterlife of the relationship. After all pleasantries have been exhausted it's time to unleash the glorious power of the breakup letter. You'll get to read them here. Taste the scathing rage and feed the depreciating demon." (nathan vs. the world)

"documenting the break-ups of middle school kids. i don't give a damn." (somebody awesome on the forum.)

look for more testimonials soon!

charles and dwayne


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