Sunday, March 15, 2009


Some 3+ years ago we dreamt of having a hundred letters. Now we do. Thanks to everyone for sharing and reading this horror. We're pleased to be a part of your cathartic experiences and we hope it's been as awful for you as it has for us.

We realize we haven't been around much lately. Maybe now we will. This site's fuckin depressing though isn't it? I mean there's some hope in between the lines and you gotta dig through the shit to find the diamond and blah de blah blah but man, oh man.

Why can't everyone just find their soulmates at birth and then proceed to live in big fat pool of sextacy? Do you think life was easier back in the day for Eve who only had one choice? Sure Adam may have been her brother and he was probably a douche that preferred Leno over Letterman and imagining that we evolved from a shitload of incest is fucked up, but at least they could never destroy each other through infidelity cause there wasn't another soul around. No one younger, no one hotter, no one smarter. Well, I guess the devil came in but... this is going nowhere.

There are two new letters below to cheer you right up.

We still love you.

Keep ripping each other apart. Keep sending letters.

love always,


Blogger Julia Scissor said...

Ah, what a subject to blog about- chronicling separation.

10:04 AM, March 30, 2009  

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